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Built by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, the Henry J was an American automobile designed to follow the Ford Model T concept of an inexpensive, mass-produced automobile.  To accomplish this goal, Kaiser-Frazer Chairman Henry J. Kaiser opted to build the automobile with the fewest number of parts and components. ...; Ultimately, low sales of the Henry J forced the vehicle out of production in 1954.

In 1949, Kaiser-Frazer obtained a government loan in order to produce the Henry J en masse.  This loan specified that the vehicle had to retail for no more than $1,300, be made available before October 1, 1950, and be capable of traveling at 50 miles per hour for prolonged periods of time.  In order to satisfy these requirements, the Henry J was released on September 28, 1950, without rear trunk lids, armrests, a glovebox, a passenger side sun visor, and flow-through ventilation.  To further cut production costs, the Henry J was designed as a two-door sedan with fixed rear windows.  It featured a four-cylinder 68 hp engine, the same engine used on the CJ-3 series Jeeps.

In 1952, Kaiser-Frazer began manufacturing Henry Js under the Allstate brand to be sold through Sears.  Although the Allstate Henry J featured some minor modifications to the original design, it was no more successful than its predecessor, and was ultimately dropped by Sears in 1954.

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