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Founded in 1906 by Vincezo Lancia, Lancia Automobiles S.p.A is an Italian automobile manufacturer that has been part of the Fiat Group since 1969.  The company is famous for its numerous innovative designs, as well as its strong roots in the rally car industry.  Today, Lancia remains as the most successful ma...nufacturer in the history of the World Rally Championship, with ten constructors’ titles to its name.

In 1908, Lancia produced its first automobile, the 4-cylinder Tipo 51, which later became known as the Alfa.  Lancia produced the Theta in 1913, which featured the first complete electrical system to come standard in any European production car.  Lancia also produced the first monocoque, or unibody, design with their 1922 release of the Lambda.  In 1950, Lancia introduced the Aurelia, which featured the first full-production V6 engine.  Lancia was also the pioneer of the first 5-speed gearbox and independent suspension system to be issued as standard for production models.

With a long history of innovative high-performance production model designs, Lancia stands out as a company that has sought to provide the consumer with the most advanced automotive technologies at their disposal.  Their feats in engineering are evident not only in the quality of their production model design, but in their success in the motorsport industry as well.

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