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Land Rover

Founded in 1948 in the United Kingdom, Land Rover is an all-terrain automobile manufacturer that is recognized for their rugged off-road designs and luxury SUVs.  The company name was derived from a vehicle model produced by the Rover Company, which helped to pioneer the civilian off-road travel industry.  La...nd Rover is the second longest surviving brand of four-wheel drive vehicles, behind Jeep.

The original Land Rover was inspired by the Willys MB Jeep designed for the American Army during World War II.  In fact, the first Land Rover prototype was built on a Jeep chassis.  Land Rover vehicles have built a reputation for longevity in the harshest conditions, due in part to the decision to construct the Land Rover body out of the corrosion-resistant alloy known as Birmabright.

In 1948, Land Rover launched the Series 1 at an Amsterdam motor show, which would be the start of a decade-long run for the model.  Its successor, the Series II, was released in 1958 featuring updated styling and the 2.25 liter petrol engine.  In 1970, Land Rover produced the Range Rover Classic, a rugged, yet comfortable SUV that would achieve reasonable success during the next 30 years.  Today, Land Rover is owned by Tata Motors of India, who runs the brand alongside Jaguar.

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