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LaSalle was a line of automobiles produced by General Motors and sold from 1927 to 1940 as a companion brand to Cadillac.  The La Salle automobile originated from General Motor’s CEO Alfred P. Loan’s plan to fill existing price gaps by creating appropriately priced companion marques.  The La Salle... was priced to fill the growing price gap between Buick and Cadillac.

The first La Salle emerged in 1927 as a revolutionary design that was not simply a junior Cadillac, but a more stylized, agile, and elegant counterpoint to Cadillac’s larger automobiles.  This design pushed the automotive styling industry beyond the simple regurgitation of the Ford Model T design, and is regarded by many to be the ancestor of modern American automotive styling.  The first La Salles featured a full-range of body designs, and came equipped with the Cadillac “Ninety degree V-8”.  Their smaller size coupled with a powerful V-8 engine made the La Salle much more agile than the Cadillacs of the time.

The next generation of La Salles, produced from 1934 until 1938, was more closely related to the current line of Oldsmobiles.  All models now featured bodywork by Fleetwood Metal Body, and were recognizable by the semi-shielded portholes that lined the hood.  For its final year of production, La Salle models followed Cadillac design more closely.  Although La Salle released over 29,000 La Salle “61”s the following year, the product line came to an end in 1941.

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