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The Maxwell Motor Company was the forerunner to the Chrysler Corporation, and they started out around 1904 in Tarrytown, New York. It was originally named after the pair of partners who were the original founders, Jonathon Dixon Maxwell and a fellow by the name of Benjamin Briscoe, and they formed the Maxwell-Briscoe C...ompany. Their factory in Tarrytown fell victim to a fire early on, but that did not deter them for long. They responded by building the biggest automotive production facility on the planet at that time in New Castle, Indiana. It is interesting to note that the plant that Maxwell and Briscoe built in New Castle back in 1907 was in use all the way up until 2004.

The company was acquired by Walter Flanders in 1913, and he moved the headquarters of the Maxwell Motor Company to the American mecca of auto building, the Motor City of Detroit. Maxwell was one of the most successful automakers in America at that time, selling some 60,000 units by the end of 1914. However, the recession that gripped the country after the first World War took its toll on the Maxwell Motor Company, and the company was acquired by Walter Chrysler, who stopped production of the Maxwell automobile after 1925.

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