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The McLaren Automotive company has become synonymous with high performance motor vehicles that are designed for road usage with Formula One racing concepts at their core. In 1980, Ford decided to pursue a plan to design and develop a line of production vehicles that delivered high performance and market them through an... association with auto racing. This was hardly a unique idea in retrospect, because this was the approach that was utilized my many of the fledgling pioneer companies that laid the foundation of the industry back around the turn of the 20th century, and the strategy has persisted over the years.

The result of this initiative undertaken by Ford Motors was the McLaren M81 Mustang that they completed in the latter part of 1980.  Though it was intended for production, it could easily be modified for racing. They intended to put out 250 of these cars, but the high price tag and slow, handcrafted production limited output to just ten, making this car a rarity and eminently collectible.

The first independent McLaren automobile was the McClaren F1, which was designed by Gordon Murray, a race car designer. Production of this vehicle commenced in 1992, and it carried a jaw dropping price tag of over $1.1 million. McLaren is still developing cutting edge performance vehicles, and quality car aficionados are always anxiously awaiting their next release.

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