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Mercer was an American automobile manufacturing company that was active from 1906 until 1922.  The company manufactured a small number of high quality automobiles during its short lifespan, and sought to prove their product through success in the motorsport industry.  Due to the success of their racecars its ...reputation for quality construction and exceptional handling, Mercer quickly became known as the premier manufacturer of racecars.  Durant Motors purchased the Mercer in 1922, and chose to immediately close the brand and liquidate its assets.

Mercer’s greatest success came from its production of the Type-35R Raceabout in 1911.  The Raceabout quickly earned a reputation for excellent handling and quality construction.  The Raceabout was designed to travel “safely and consistently” at over 70 mph for prolonged periods of time, which called for top-of-the-line parts and construction. 

Mercer factory worker Eddie Pullen won the American Grand Prize, held at Santa Monica in 1910, by racing for 403 miles in a Raceabout model.  He also used the Racabout to win the Corona Road Race on November 26th that year.  Despite this immediate success, the company cancelled its racing program in 1914 in response to a tragic collision between two Mercer Roundabouts.  The collision killed Mercer racer Spencer Wishart and mechanic John Jenter.

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