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Founded in 1924, MG was a British sport car manufacturing company that is best known for its production of classically stylized two-seat open sports cars.  The company has also produced a number of coupes and saloons.  Following the company’s purchase by the British Motor Corporation in 1952, MG has bec...ome more of a name than an actual brand.  Since then, a number of unique MG sports cars have been released alongside badge-engineered MG versions of models designed by other marques.

The earliest MG model, the 1924 MG 14/28, was released in 1924 as a highly stylized sporting body fitted over a Morris Oxford chassis.  In 1928, MG released its first complete model with the production of the MG 18/80, which was also the first MG model to feature the MG vertical grille.  During and after the Second World War, MG achieved great success by producing its first internationally exported line, known as the T-Series Midgets.  MG produced the MGB in 1962 to fulfill the demand for a more contemporary and comfortable sports car.

Today, the MG brand serves more as a badge name rather than a specific make of car.  Following the company’s 1980 purchase by BL, a number of Austin saloons were released with the MG namesake.  These models include the Montego estate, which was released under the MG name as the MG 2.0 Si Wagon.  Under the ownership of the Rover Group, revival versions of the MG RV8 and the MGF were released in 1992 and 1995, respectively.

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