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Mini is an automotive brand that has produced a line of small and uniquely designed automobiles under the ownership of BMW.  Minis have a strong following of automotive enthusiasts, who appreciate the automobile for its quality engineering, great gas mileage, and unique vintage appearance.  The company curren...tly offers three body variants: the convertible, hatchback, and Clubman.

The 2001 MINI (stylized name for Mini) was released as a successor to the original Mini, a small and iconic automobile manufactured by the British Motor Corporation from 1959 until 2000.  The updated version, produced by BMW and designed by American Frank Stephenson, was released featuring a 1.6-liter I4 version of the Tritec engine.  A 1.4-liter version was released in Portugal and Greece.  The most distinctive version of the Mini was the Cooper S, which featured a scoop cut into the hood and twin rear exhausts.  The convertible MINI was released in 2005, available in MINI One, Cooper, and Cooper S versions.

Mini released the second generation of MINIs in 2006, which featured several new variations including a Mini Hatchback, a diesel-powered Cooper D, and the Mk II Mini One.  The new Mk II increased the length of the original design by 60 mm to satisfy new safety requirements.

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