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Morgan is a renowned British automobile manufacturer that has manufactured its luxurious automobiles by hand in low volume since 1909.  Due to the extensive man-hours required to manufacture these high-quality vehicles by hand, the company has maintained waiting list for the majority of its lifespan.  Today, ...Morgan cars are recognized for their hand-finished quality as well as their luxurious styling and classic body designs.

The first Morgan automobiles were three-wheelers, which were actually classified as motorcycles to avoid paying the costly British tax imposed on automobile manufacturers.  To build a reputation for their three-wheeled vehicles, Morgan entered the three-wheelers into cyclecar races.  There, the company enjoyed reasonable success, including a victory at the 1913 Cyclecar Grand Prix at Amiens.

Morgan began the manufacturing of four-wheeled automobiles in 1936 with the release of the first true-Morgan automobile, the Morgan 4-4.  The 4-4 was a 4-cyclinder, 4-passenger model.  In 1950, Morgan introduced the +4 as a larger engined car featuring a 2088 cc Standard Vanguard engine.  Morgan released the +8 in 1968, which did away with the 4-cylinder motor in favor of the more available Rover V8 engine.  The +8 offered faster acceleration as well as improved handling over the +4 models.

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