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Nash Motors was a United States automobile manufacturer that pioneered numerous innovative design technologies that are still in use today, such as unitary construction and seat belts.  Nash was founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin in the year 1916, and merged with the Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954 to create the Ameri...can Motors Corporation.  Although there are no Nash-branded models in production today, the company introduced a number of classic automobile designs during its fifty-year life span, such as the Nash-Healy and the Statesman.

Nash automobiles were initially produced as mid-level automobiles that could appeal to the middle class market.  In addition to this, Nash’s slogan from the late 1920s until the late 1930s was “Give the customer more than he has paid for”, which emphasized the company goal of providing its customers with nothing less than the most advanced automobile technologies at their disposal.  To meet this goal, Nash vehicles offered numerous unique features, such as a in-car suspension adjustment.

In 1952, Nash Motors joined forces with the Donald Healy Motor Company to design and manufacture the Nash-Healy sports car.  Nash Motors supplied the powertrain components, while the Donald Healy Motor Company designed and built the chassis, suspension, body, and assembled the finished product.  The Nash-Healy deserves special recognition as the first post-war sports car and the first sports car to be produced by a major U.S. automaker since the Great Depression.

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