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The name Oldsmobile is one of the most venerable in the history of American automobile making, and it has a long and storied history that resulted in one of the longest runs on any automaker. Oldsmobile was originally founded in 1897 by Ransom E. Olds, and by 1901 they had established themselves as a premier mass produ...cer of motorcars; they were able to bring 425 vehicles to market that year. Subsequently, the Oldsmobile became the leading selling automobile in the United States in these early times. In spite of this success, Ransom Olds ran into some turbulent financial circumstances and left the company to form REO Motors, and General Motors acquired Oldsmobile in 1908.

That was the beginning of something very special. The Curved Dash was released by GM in 1901, and contrary to the popular belief that Ford was the first to implement assembly line technology, the Curved Dash was the first car that came off an assembly line. The Oldsmobile went on to become an American automotive legend, and they manufactured cars for no less than 107 year before ceasing production in the early 21st century. Some of the iconic Oldsmobiles that have always been favorites of project and classic car enthusiasts are the Delta 88; the Cutlass; the Olds Vista Cruiser; and the Dynamic 66.

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