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The Overland automobile was developed by a man named Claude E. Cox who worked in Terre Haute, Indiana for the Standard Wheel Company. His first test car was built in 1903, and as it turned out  Standard Wheel fell into distress after an explosion on their site, and Cox wound up buying the company. He brought in an... investor named David Parry, and together they founded the Overland Automobile Company in 1906.

Parry was bringing the capital to the table that Cox needed to enter into full production, but there was a significant, albeit fleeting, economic downturn in 1907 across the country, and it hit Parry hard. J.N. Willys had placed an order with the fledgling Overland Automobile Company for 500 units and he had put down a significant deposit of some $10,000, but because of Parry's financial difficulties, Overland couldn't make good on the order. All they had to deliver was a number of vehicles that were in varying stages of assembly. Willys scrambled to find the financing to support the completion of these cars, and in this in manner, he acquired the Overland Company, and in a truly amazing turn of events, it became the second leading car manufacturer in America by 1912.

Slowly but surely, however, as the companies evolved, the Overland name was absorbed by the Willys brand and by the late 1920s it ceased to exist, though there was a short-lived reemergence in 1939.

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