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The name Packard was synonymous with luxury during their heyday, and they were an American car company that was founded in 1899 in Warren, Ohio before relocating to the Motor City of Detroit. Early on Packard, which was founded by James Ward Parker, developed a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking design.
Their business model was to develop high quality, comfortable, and classy cars aimed at a higher end clientele. The company got a boost when they sold one of their cars to a wealthy and influential Detroit resident by the name of Henry Bourne Joy. Joy was very impressed, and he put together an investment group that provided the financing to take the Packard Motor Car Company to another level, with James Packard as president.

The Packard reputation for top quality excellence in the luxury car niche took hold almost instantly, and it became the top American manufacturer of top end cars while building a significant presence overseas as well. By 1928, gross revenue stood at nearly $22 million, and they went on to some three decades of continued success, producing seminal collectibles such as the Custom Eight, the Packard Hawk, the Executive, and the Clipper Series. Packard ceased production in 1959.

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