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Panhard is a French company that is primarily known for manufacturing military vehicles, and it is doing so to this day as a division of Auverland. However, many of their vintage military vehicles are in circulation among collectors and classic car enthusiasts, and they also manufactured passenger cars for the general ...public, but production of these was discontinued in 1968.

Panhard produced their first car in 1890, and their offering that came out the next year, the Systeme Panhard, was an innovative machine. It featured rear wheel drive and an engine that was mounted in the front, plus a transmission of the slide gear variety, and this was essentially the foundational configuration of most automobiles in production for the next hundred years or so. By 1895 Panhard was taking the racing world by storm and firmly establishing themselves as a premier European automaker.

World War II drastically altered the automotive landscape around the world, and after the war Panhard built the Dyna X and Z1 passenger cars with aluminum bodies due to limits on the use of steel. A few years later they were subsequently able to resume utilizing steel in the construction of Panhard classics like the Dyna Z, PL 17, and 24 CT. Panhard ceased production of passenger cars permanently in 1967.

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