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The American automobile manufacturing industry took a big hit as the foreign imports began to pour in  during the decades of the 1970s and eighties, and little by little the "Big Three" from Detroit were being supplanted by the interlopers from overseas. The identity of the truly authentic American automobile has ...become blurred by a series of international partnerships, and today it is hard to know exactly where a Chevy is built, or for that matter where a Nissan is put together. For some purists, the genuine American car means something beyond pure profit and loss, and the Panoz Auto Development Company embodies this spirit.

Panoz was founded in 1989 by an automotive enthusiast named Dan Panoz, and the company is out of Hoschton, Georgia. Panoz cars are all made by hand, and they go through exhaustive testing and quality control procedures before they ever leave the shop. Panoz automobiles have made a name for themselves on the race tracks, but they make cars intended for the roadways as well. Panoz road cars include the AIV Roadster, the Esperante series, and the Abruzzi. Panoz is regarded as the finest small-scale performance automaker in the world by many industry observers. If you want to experience pure and authentic American automotive excellence, consider a Panoz.

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