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The Pierce-Arrow was a genuine American classic, and it truly played a huge role in the history of the automaking industry. The company was located in Buffalo, New York, and was in business between 1901 and 1938. They made a name for themselves as a manufacturer of high-priced luxury cars that became status symbols for... the rich and famous, but they were involved in other aspects of the industry as well, producing trucks as well as motorcycles, and even bicycles.

To present an idea of how prestigious and sought after the Pace-Arrow was it, is was the vehicle of presidential choice in its heyday. President William Howard Taft chose the Pace-Arrow as his preferred vehicle for official use, and President Warren G. Harding rode along with Woodrow Wilson in a Pace-Arrow on the day that Harding was inaugurated. This was a car that was owned by the elite of the era, purchased by members of royal families, wealthy industrialists, and movie actors.

After the Great Depression, sales of the Pierce-Arrow slowed as one might expect, and 1938 was their final year of production.  They remain a favorite among discerning collectors, and Classic Pierce-Arrow models include the 1247, the 840A, and the Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow.

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