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When you analyze common trends throughout the history of the automobile industry, you recognize the fact that successful companies would invariably spin-off alternate brands under their umbrella that targeted higher and/or lower end demographics. One such brand of car is the Plymouth, which was introduced by the Corporation to compete with the lower priced Ford and Chevrolets.

The Plymouth Model U was released in 1929 as the first vehicle to carry the stand-alone Plymouth nameplate after the name first appeared the previous year on the Chrysler-Plymouth Model Q. Chrysler may not have known it at the time, but introducing a lower priced model when they did may have saved the company, because the Great Depression hit and Plymouth became the leading seller among the Chrysler divisions, surpassing the flagship brand and the DeSoto.

The last Plymouths were produced in 2001, but the car made a significant impact and holds a solid place in American automaking history. Many collectors and people who enjoy restoring project cars have a special affinity for the Plymouth, and indeed, many baby boomers grew up with that catchy Plymouth jingle running through their heads: "And the Plymouth win-you-over beat goes on!" Classic Plymouth automobiles include the Barracuda, the GTX, the Arrow, the the Fury, and the Plymouth Belvedere.

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