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The race car is just about as old as the motor car itself, because people would invariably measure the quality of a vehicle by how fast it could go. As the years have gone by this is still true to some extent, but it was more relevant in the early days. Once cars were typically capable of top speeds that were appropria...te given the capabilities of the roadways and the applicable laws, most cars didn't really have to prove their mettle through racing. But in the earliest times, the imperative was to make cars faster so that they would be more practical as long range transportation, so racing was all the more important in those developmental days.

It is said that the very first organized auto race took place in France in 1887. It was run at two kilometers and won by a fellow named Bouton, but since his was the only car in the "race," you might want to add an asterisk to his "victory." In 1895 the first true race was held in France and won by Émile Levassor who traveled 732 miles in just under 49 hours. Over the ensuing years, many automakers would use race cars as a way to shine a spotlight on their production vehicles. Today, we have the IndyCar Series, Touring Car Racing, Sports Car Racing, Production Car Racing, One-Make Racing, and the wildly popular NASCAR series. Without question, the evolution of the race car has come a long way, it will be amazing to see what the race cars of the future are capable of accomplishing.

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