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Classic Rambler, Classic Rambler For sale

The Rambler is an American car that fashioned a long and interesting history as it has wound its way through the annals of automaking lore. The Rambler automotive name was initially unveiled by the Thomas B. Jeffery Company in 1887, when the founder and namesake, who was in the bicycle business, decided to put together... his first prototype. He unveiled it at Chicago International Exhibition just before the turn of the century, and it was received very well. Getting that boost to put some wind into his sails, Jeffery decided to enter the automaking business in earnest. He bought up some space in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and began to produce the first of this brand intended for the commercial marketplace.

This as the beginning of a long and successful run for the company. In retrospect Jeffery was quite the businessman, because he was able to produce a large number of cars at a rapid pace for the times. 1,500 automobiles were out the door by 1902, and and that represents over 15\\% of the total number of automobiles that were manufactured in the entire United States back then.

The company was eventually sold to Nash Motors in 1916, and it merged with the Hudson Company in 1954, forming American Motors Corporation as a result. The last car to hit the market bearing this brand name was by made by the Mexican company VAM in 1983. Classic models include the Six, the Classic 660 Cross Country, and the Rebel.

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