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Classic Reliant, Classic Reliant For Sale

The Reliant company was a manufacturer of innovative motor vehicles that was founded in Great Britain in1935 by the automotive designer T.L. Williams.  Williams was responsible for designing a particular three-wheeled delivery vehicle for the Raleigh company, and they decided to halt production of it, so Williams foun...ded Reliant to continue manufacturing the odd van. He improved upon his original design, upgrading the engine to a straight 4-cylinder in 1939.

In 1952, they utilized an evolved version of their foundational schematics as the platform for their first passenger car, a four seater with a fiberglass body. They went on to make a name for themselves with a number of innovative models that were noteworthy for their composite bodies. The Scimitar, the Sabre, Regal three-wheeler, the Rialito, and the Robin are models of note. Later models include the Fox, the Kitten, and the Rebel. They manufactured lightweight bodies for a number of car companies including the Ford Corporation.

The last Reliant motorcar to be produced was the Robin model that was manufactured by B & N plastics in 2002. Collectors still show a lot of interest in the these automobiles due to their unique three-wheelers, composite bodies, and quirky appearance.

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