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Classic Shelby, Classic Shelby For Sale

Shelby: There are few cars that have captured the imagination of the car buying public as profoundly as the Ford Mustang, and for big-time Mustang lovers, the Shelby is a prized jewel of an automobile. They are in especially high demand among collectors because they were only built between the years 1965 and 1970, and ...Mustangs are truly beautiful motorcars that redefined high performance American cars.

These amazing cars were named after their designer, Carroll Shelby, and they are often times confused with another Ford that was produced by them at around the same time, the Cobra, which was a very sharp two-seater. The original Mustangs that were first released in 1965 and 1966 are accurately referred to as the GT350. To underscore how valuable these cars in the eyes of collectors, they worked out a deal with the car rental company, Hertz, to deliver a custom run of GT350s to be offered as upscale rental vehicles, which would subsequently be available for purchase afterward. These cars are going for upwards of $200,000 on the market today.

When 1967 rolled around, the GT500 was introduced to join the 350 in the car brand line, and when Ford stopped putting out the Cobra in '67, it was then that the Mustang added the Cobra moniker. Ultimately, 1970 was the last year that Ford produced the Shelby Mustang, but its impact on the automotive industry is still felt to this day.


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