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The Sterling automobile was available in the United States for a relatively brief period, between the years 1987 and 1992. Sterling was a British company that was a division of Rover. They offered just a single model, which was known as the 800 series, and they offered a sedan initially, subsequently adding a hatchback... to their line. North American consumers had just one Sterling engine choice, a gasoline powered V6.

Early on, auto buyers in the United States responded well to the Sterling, purchasing almost 15,000 units when the brand was at its pinnacle in 1988. The brand suffered from that point on, and sales began a steady decline. Consumer publications were not giving the Sterling very positive reviews, and there were a number of similar cars with higher customer satisfaction ratings steadily eating into the Sterling's market share. The Sterling 800 was built on the same platform as the Acura Legend, and it simply could not stack up against the popular Legend when they were measured against one another objectively.

The Sterling dropped out of sight in the U.S. by 1992, but the Sterling 825 is still valued by many collectors due to its good looks, sharp classical British interior, and relative rarity.

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