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The Stutz company is one of the most historic names in the history of American automaking, and in its day the Stutz was considered to be an automobile that embodied the epitome of pure quality, performance and upscale luxury. The Stutz Motor Company produced their legendary line between the years of 1911 and 1935, but ...they re-emerged in the 1960s with a retro concept and the company is still extant today, though they no longer produce cars at the factory.

Stutz hit the ground running when the company was launched in 1911 as the Ideal Motor Company. They were founded by Harry C. Stutz in what is considered by many to be the auto racing capital of the world, Indianapolis, Indiana. In a wise marketing move, Stutz entered one of his cars in the Indy 500 that same year, and it finished a respectable 11th. Mr. Stutz then renamed the company after his own surname the following year, and they produced the famous Stutz Bearcat. However, Harry Stutz sold his interest in the company in 1919, and though the cars continued to enjoy racing success, the company ceased production in 1935, leaving behind collectible classics like the seminal Bearcat and the Stutz 8-Cylinder.


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