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Classic Suzuki, Classic Suzuki For Sale

The company that became the Suzuki Motor Corporation was founded all the way back in 1909 by a man named Michio Suzki in Hamamatsu, Japan, but they did not make motorized vehicles at that time. Many of us are aware of the powerful Japanese silk trade that was thriving during that era, and the production of high quantit...ies of silk required a lot of silk looms, and this is what they originally manufactured. The company did extraordinarily well, but it took an even bigger stride forward when they invented a more advanced weaving device in 1929, and that made an already successful business even more profitable.

Like all smart businessmen, Mr Suzuki didn't think it was wise to stand still, so he looked for a way to diversify. In 1937 the company went about the the task of developing their first prototype small cars. By 1939 the cars were built, but World War II stalled wide scale development. After the war he went back to looms, but by 1952 he started producing motorized bicycles. In 1955 the Suzulight automobile was unveiled, and the company was in the car business. These days, They are still the 9th biggest company of its kind in the world, does business in almost 200 countries, and provides work for some 45,000 workers.

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