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Find out why FossilCars is the best classic car & muscle car classified ads service out there!  We have been around for over a decade, and over the years we have received a lot of feedback from our customers about our classic car classifieds service.  These are just a few of the thousands of comments we have received.  If you would like to share your experience with FossilCars, please contact us.

I sold my Chrysler 300 which is listed as ad A6376 to someone who saw the ad on your site.
- Bill

Great Site and will be using it next year to put in our cruises and car shows.
- Dean

I just went thru your web page and really enjoyed it. It's one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks -
- Frank

Great Site!!
- Deanita

This is to notify that I have sold the 1929 SSK Mercedes Benz replica ..listed for $11500. thanks to your fine ad you made up for me the ad shows 90 hits but we had 140 hits by our math sold it in such a short time it was almost unbelievable. We will always recommend your company to all who ask. Ad#4144. A great Xmas present for the new owner!
- Mrs. Marty L.

Thanks for getting the pictures scanned in so quickly. The website is great and I'll tell everyone about it. Many thanks.
- Billy

No Question You are the benchmark for classic cars the presentation is perfect easy to use & responsive job well done Thanks
- Mac

Just a quick note to say thank you for helping me sell my car. It sold for the price I asked to a fellow in Houston TX. Thanks again.
- Andy

I sold my car yesterday thanks to you! It's kind of a yeh and boo hoo at the same time. I had the Volvo P1800 1962 car which I put on just a few weeks ago. I had a call within the week and now it is gone to a fine home I must add. If you need a testimonial or anything from me I am happy to help and I will keep the site bookmarked for the future and recommend it to people I know. Thanks.
- Barbara

I love this site --Thanks
- Yvette

Great site and I am pleased about your service ---
- Ulrich

I would like to thank you for the add for my model A. I sold it to a very nice individual from Texas and we both were happy.
- Dennis

A well-done Web site indeed. Thanks.
- ML

After placing my ad I took the liberty of reviewing a couple of the ads already on your system. Your site is very nicely organized.......I found what I was looking for right away. The format you've adopted for the ads also lends itself to 'quick review'. Once again Thanks. Here's wishing you all the best with Regards
- Craig

Thank you... The site is beautiful and easy to use unlike some... I will use it again and pass the site on to friends who may want to advertise.
- Arlene

You guys are awesome!
- Mark

hi. your site is very easy to use & very thourgh keep up the good work. thanks.
- rich.

Thank you for a great web site. My car sold from your ad
- Pete

Just to notify you that I sold my car throu you're site. I dont know if you want to put SOLD on it or something. Thanks alot you have a super site worth recommanding. Keep up the good work. By the way my add # is A4451 the 1969 big block Pace Car. Thanks again........
- Roche

I have a 53 Studebaker Pro-Street listed on your site. I sold it this past weekend I had good response from your site on the 53 Studebaker! Thanks
- Dennis

We had been given an old car to sell for a charity fund-raiser but it failed to sell on the day of the grand event. The person who donated it told us to hang onto it and see it it would sell and still help the cause. There are many sites on the internet to advertise cars classic cars and even old sports cars which this one was. We tried them all with zero success. Then FossilCars sent me an email. We took advantage of it and were immediately flooded with requests for info. What hadn't sold for over six weeks sold in two days! Today I was talking to a friend who has 3 classic musscle cars to sell. There was only one thing that I could recommend -! Thanks
- Bill

Your site is easy to navigate and is quick-good.
- Dick

Though I may never buy or sell a car via your web site I felt I should let you know that it's one of the best I've visited - easy searching fast response - just great!!
- Peter R.

Hi I love your site you have done a great job I wish you all the best
- Norman

Your application by far was the easiest to use so far. I also especially appreciated being able to preview the ad as it appears on the site prior to actually finalizing it. You all really put some thought into this one!
- Karen

Howdy Thanks very much for the ad... My pontiac has sold ...i will tell every friend i have about your # A4137 ..Thanks again .. Pontiac 1973 trans am 455 super duty
- Craig

Dear Sirs I have just been on your web site and very impressive it is too!
- Jeff

I sold my wagon. Thanks for the ad. I did get a good response and will use your service soon. I went to all the AMX sites and posted the Fossil URL.
- bob

Good Morning! I placed ad # A3502 for a 1961 custom extended cab Studebaker pickup truck. I must say I am impressed with your site.
- Ben

Cool--Cool--Just too Cool!
- Anonymous

1st person to see the car bought it! Your site was the difference.....the picture made all the difference in the world. I will keep you in mind the next time.........Thanks again........
- Larry

I sold my 1930 Model A Ford Rumble seat Coupe A5944. Thanks.
- Ken

We have sold the car thanks to you. Our buyer saw the ad on your website. Thanks again
- Pat

First time I have seen your page. Very easy to use. I will return.
- Ron

thanks for your service!!
- Mike

Nice site keep up the good work!
- Greg

Thank you for assisting me in my efforts to sell my car. You have a great web-site with lots of vehicles to view.
- Brock

Thank you FossilCars! I was trying to sell a 1970 Land rover for 6 months and with your ad I got a buyer in 3 days. Super Job! I will use you again. Thankz
- John

Your site is very cool. A lot of sights I have been to are difficult to run. They are hard to set up an ad or try to find a car on it. But your sight is so simple to use and very effective. .. There are many cars on it. I will be telling my friends about your sight! I know we are always looking for places to buy and sell cars. ... Thanks again
- Allison

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how great I think your site is. It's the easiest site i've had the chance to look at. And there seems to be no long delay in downloading. I will surely be a steady customer of your web site. Thank you once again and keep up the good work.
- Bill

thank you very much for your prompt reply. Went back today and posted with no problem. Your website is TOP SHELF all the way around and you can be sure it is on my favorites list and will pass it on to my car friends. Thank you again for your interest and concern
- Ken

I want to thank you folks. I just sold my 1954 Studebaker Commander to someone who saw it on your site. I had two other somewhat serious buyers that just didn't work out also form your site. This car was on the Trader on Line and several other supposed high traffic sites with no action. Bravo and thanks. Hopefully I will be as lucky with my 55 Studebaker I just posted. Regards
- Bill

Your site is terrific!
- WH

I have sold the 1951 Nash Statesman that is on your site Thanks
- Anonymous

Just to let you know due to your ad I have sold my car. It was only in your site for about a week and a half.
- Bob

I LOVE this site! I have Auto-Notify in for a '66 Mercury S55.
- Anonymous

Hi I like site it is easy to navigate and good quality cars seem to be there. . . keep up the work thanks
- sam

I went to your site and was flabbergasted it is the best easiest to navigate packed with information site I have ever encountered. Even a simpleton like me can handle easily. Congratulation! You have a great webmaster and whoever directs them. You deserve to have a lot of people find this site
- Robert

Thanks! I sold my MGTD to a user of your site.
- Bob

I have sold my Porsche replica. I think your website is terrific. I received tons of e-mail regarding my car.
- Anonymous

Great Web site very user friendly. When I am ready to sell my '55 Chevy You will be contacted first. Thank you
- Terry

I just received a check purchasing the TR3A that I had listed on your website. The car has been listed through you since Nov 11. That's a total of 16 days from listing to purchase. I am a member of a British car club and I listed this car in its newsletter that is sent to many other car clubs. I have had 0 responses from this form of advertising. I am truly appreciative to find another way of advertising. I will use your web site in the future and recommend to others. Thanks.
- Lee

Add Number A5456. This car (1931 Model A Roadster) was sold thanks to Fossilcars. I had 5 inquires (one from the Netherlands) and the last one bought it. Thanks
- K.C.

Thanks for the help I sold my car in less than a month. Great site.......
- Rich

You have a nice easy to use site!
- Cb

Thank You! I sold the 1929 Chevrolet today which I'd listed on your site ... Thanks again! Sincerely
- Dick

I sold the car over the weekend thanks to your ad. Thanks Again
- Ron

Ok thank you! I only had my ad on your web page 3 hours today for the first time and I got a responce. Thanks!
- Charlene

Very friendly and easy to use
- Doug

great site nice layout and very easy to read. Thanks
- Jim and Beth

Thank you. Your site has provided the best service I have experienced. The only way I could get you the pics was to email by forwarding pics my son had emailed to me he has the camera.You did not have to deal with that problem but you did. Great Service
- Linda

I just visited your site for the first time I think it wonderful!!!!!!.....
- Randy

I write a column called Cybercruizin which reviews Web sites for DRIVE! Magazine. I found your site very useful and think that our readers would love to hear about you. Great job on the site!
- John

Less than 2 weeks after placing my ad it was sold. Andsince I have gotten many replies to the ad No problem for me it only reinforced how positive the response from your site. Sincerely
- Bill

Please cancel my ad for the 1937 Chev Sedan Delivery as I have sold the car because of the ad. Thank you for your help.
- Steve

I like the new format and search feature. I like your entire website it's one of the better ones. Keep up the good work.
- Angel

I was really impressed. It looks nice and has a good selection of classic cars.
- Car Junkie

Hello from Mexico. I realized your page is the greatest I have ever seen; easy to find whatever you are searching for. Congratulation for this remarkable site!
- James

Nice easy site thanks so many get carried away designing fancy sites that they forget that we out here are not all experts
- Jeff

Hello...I think you have an excellent site
- Ken

A guy in CA told me about your neat site this morning.
- Ray

Good Morning: I think your site is great and in less than 30 days my '34 Chevy Street Rod was sold. I am now looking for a '40 Ford Deluxe Convertible and have put myself on your auto notify list. Thank You
- Bob

I just sold the car. I was very pleased with the ad and the way you handled it. I have told my friends about your service and will be in touch with you again if I have a car for sale. Many thanks.
- George

Hi I sold my car on your site an I'm very happy with the results I have two more ads to put on your site. Thank You
- leo

Great site! I am in the software business and your interface is VERY easy to use and tidy
- Stephen

I think that your site is fantastic. I have visited many of the other sites such as Classic cars or us.coetc and this is one of the easiest to use. I have sent your hyperlink to all of my car friends. Keep up the good work.
- Herbert

After posting my car I enjoyed a romp through history (and growing up little) looking at cars I'd lusted after and driven
- Will

just wanted to say i really enjoyed your site. It's very easy to understand and has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from if you are an interested buyer. Keep up the good work!
- Scott

you have produced an excellent site-it shows the care and $ you have invested. I had a blast checking out the old-timers listed. I will tell my friends about your site.
- Larry

Your web site is very nicely organized and easy to use. I especially like the idea that I could preview the ad before finalizing. Thanks Again!
- Jennet

I think you have the best resource available for anyone looking to buy or sell any type of vehicle manufactured by man!
- Duane

Hi this site is just great!
- Judy

Thanks very much great site!!!!!!
- Brian

I sold the CAR!!! Thanks so much for you service and the affordability of it all! Will recommend your sight to my friends and associates!
- Wendy

Your site is the easiest to use and it appears you are doing your best to be user friendly for both buyers and sellers .
- Anonymous

I think your site is great. I sold my car on it. Thanks a lot.
- LP

Outstanding...I love it... I have a varied collection of big toys and this is a cool site for me to buy the next one.
- Jay

Nice website Very easy to place an add and to navigate.
- Gary

I am totally in shock. I just put the ad in your site for AMC and AMX Javelins this morning and so far I have had over 20 responses. I am totally thrilled..From British Columbia to Ohio to New York. Fascinating..Thanks for the great response
- Georgetta

I've checked your new search capability and I think it's great.
- Jim

I am writing to tell you that I sold my 47 Dodge Truck and you may take the ad off. It was from your ad that I got the most calls and sold the vehicle. The ad # is: A4896. Thank You so much.
- Penny

Really nice site. Even though I have purchased a car that I was using your site to look for I am keeping my Auto-Notify active so Ican see what else 'pops up' Keep up the good work.
- Keith

You have absolutely the best site AND search engine of any new or used car site around! My compliments to your web gurus. I have hassled for two years with the web-dolts at Traderonline. They don't get the concept. Listings use popdowns searches don't. Therefore searches don't find listings. Your site works! I like the way it shows me in list form all the 'hits' from my search. I can choose one look and go back if I want. I'm a pretty advanced user and if you please me I think you'll please 95% of the rest of the public!!
- Dan

Thanks for the great site (I located just yesterday). I especially appreciate the ability to sort using column headers! from Austin TX
- Brian

I'm 57 years old and I don't make it a habit of complimenting web sites. Yours however is really exceptional. No smoke. Know that I will tell everyone I know about it. Your web site is astounding. I do not say that lightly. You are performing a service to humanity. Seriously I have never seen (or ever dreamed of seeing) a site with so many incredible cars of all kinds qualities and price ranges. From show cars to parts cars. Unbelievable. Please always allow parts cars to be listed. There are no decent parts car sites on the web that I could find. I do not doubt for one second that either my son or I will be buying from your site in the future. Thank you for a job well done and for performing a great service to all auto enthusiasts. My deepest and sincerest compliments on the site.
- Bill

Well thanks to your website I sold my car. I spent $80 at and went bust with them.
- Bill

Dear Sirs I am very fond of your site; actually I have fallen in love with it due to its multifaceted views.
- Gocha

Thanks for listing our club. Great site by the way!
- Anonymous

Webmaster. You've got the best easiest to use fastest most attractive classic auto website on the internet. Congratulations!! Tell the Boss - 'Marshall says I deserve a pay raise'!!!
- Marshall

We recently placed an ad in We have enjoyed browsing through the ads and find it to be very user friendly!
- Bert and Julie

I think you have a winner here. I checked it out today & spent about 20 mins. It is very easy to navigate & good looking too. I sell cars frequently on ebay & I'm sure that I'll use & recommend you also.
- Grayson

Please mark our ad sold for the 69 Datsun 510. White Four Door. The car sold. We got numerous inquiries through your site. We will visit your site in the future.
- Rod

Many thanks for introducing me to your site very enjoyable and interesting.
- Peter

I'm just blown away by it - I plan to buy an old car at some point in the near future and your site is invaluable for research or a car itself...
- Herb

the ad looks good and your site is easy to get around thanks again. I will recomend it to others.
- Ivy

We love the site! It's user friendly even for beginners like me and i was able to do easily place my ad. Thanks!
- Sherrie

Great site with many listings. Look forward to hearing about events and specials.
- Al

You have a great site; keep up the good work
- Colin

I have to say you have an excellent site easy to post PICS and ads. ..
- Len

Brilliant Web Site. Regards.
- Bleasie

Good Job!!!!! On the web page.
- Peter

Well done - a great site. To keep the 'Oldies but Goodies' on the road we need the help you are now supplying. Keep it up.
- Anonymous

I wish to compliment you on your site. It is one of the best I've seen.
- Dutch

Thanks for getting back to me. I really enjoy your site. It's VERY well put together and easy to navigate (unlike many other sites). Yours truly
- Joseph

I got the Interceptor ad posted...thanks again. Just wanted to commend you also on the site itself...its informative and simple to navigate! Placing an ad is really easy and straight forward I'm a member of several other 'web rings' and I usually don't use them much because site navigation is so cumbersome. I will also spread the word about the site to other enthusiast in the I am aboard member and concours chairman for the local BMW car club as well as an active member w/the local Porsche Ferrari and British clubs. Keep up the good work
- Paul

you have a great web site!! Thanks
- Francis

Thx to I was able to sell my one owner '70 XKE Rdstr easily and quickly. Having a picture of the car on the site helped.I had replies from across the USA and Europe. I found a buyer looking for what I had-a one owner original and it was a done deal. Good Luck. Regards
- Brandt

great site! i'll be checkin it out regularly thanks!
- Kip

I think you are doing a great job!! The site is very well put together
- Alynn

I did get 5-6 emails from interested people.Thanks.
- Caroline

Your website is 'Bit chin'. It's fantastic.
- Wedge

We really love the way you have set-up your very user-friendly website!
- Robt.

You must have researched this market. You did a very good jobthis is one of the easiest to use as a seller and as a buyer you can get a good look to whet ones interest. I have two Jags listed with you and I have had three emails on the cars in two weeks. I wish you would teach eBay how to post a picture!!! Regards
- Len

I've had about four or five responses to help me find some really obscure parts and it looks like somebody may have found them for me. My guess is without your site the entire project would be 'dead in the water'.
- Dick

You have a great web site! Thank you!
- Terry

The ad is really neat! Thanks! I really like your web site! -
- John

My name is Alfred and I want to thank you for making me aware of your site (which by the way is A-one in my book fast downloads crisp pictures etc.).I'm very impressed. I buy a lot of cars and have been known to occasionally sell one too. Thanks for the quick response and the personal effort on my behalf it is really appreciated. Not all sites and I go to a lot of them are this forthcoming. Not only is your site worth visiting your service is something to behold also. Now I'm even more impressed and will recommend your site highly to some of my friends acquaintances and anyone else who will listen to me. Thanks again.
- Alfred

I'm not necessarily easily impressed -- and your site has impressed me. Keep up the good work. Regards
- Craig

Congratulations on your fine website. I have had a look and I will be returning and also telling my friends about it. Sincerely
- Bob

the car has sold. thank you for your website.
- Richard

This car has been sold to a private party which was referred to me by a car club member However I would like to thank you for posting my 1930 4-door Chevy sedan on your web site I did receive three phone calls within a two week period. Thanks again
- Bill T.

Thanks guys keep up the good work I really enjoyed going over your site and will continue to recommend others to do the same. Thanks again
- pat

Your site is really nice. I just placed my ad and am planning to email all my friends and club members right now. Thanks and good luck!
- Lucinda